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Job References - Texsa
Logotipo Texsa, S.A.


  • Pikolin

    Texsalon MP 1,8 mm

    70.000 m²

  • Hyper U - Centre commercial Bois Cany

    Texlosa R 80/35

    1267 m²

  • Centrale EDF

    Texlosa R 30/35

    532,8 m²

  • Luma

    Franck Gehry

    Tecsound 100 / Tecsound SY 100

    1000 m²

  • Taronga Zoo Centenary Theater

    Tecsound 100

    300 m²

  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge


    Texself 1,5

    55.000 m²

  • Cité musicale de Boulogne Billancourt

    Shigeru Ban et Jean de Gastines

    Tecsound S 100

    300 m²

  • Abu Dhabi Plaza en Astana

    HKR Architects

    Rooftex V 200 / Aisladeck AL 120 / Drentex Impact Garden

    40.000 m² / 4200 m² / 10000 m²

  • Terminal de Cruceros Puerto de Sevilla

    Hombre de Piedra y Buró4 Arquitectos

    Tecsound SY 70

    2.385 m²

  • Leroy Merlin Braga

    Cubo Vertical

    Morterplas SBS FM 3 Kg / Morterplas SBS FPV 5 Kg MIN

    10.500 m² / 2.000 m²

  • Arena 92

    Christian de Portzamparc

    Tecsound S 100

    10.000 m²

  • Aren'ice

    Chabanne et Partenaires

    Tecsound 50

    3.000 m²

  • Aéroport International Manila (Philipines)

    Tecsound 50

    30.000 m²

  • Fly By Nite

    Rehearsal Studios in Redditch, Worcestershire

    Tecsound 50

    5.000 m²

  • Hôpital de Vigo

    Luis Vidal + Arquitectos

    Morterplas FP 4 kg Garden / Morterplas FV 3 kg / Texxam /Drentex Protect Plus

    16.740 m²/16.679 m²/32.120 m²/14.400 m²

  • Cabinet du Premier ministre - Brunei

    BEP Architects

    Tecsound 100 / Tecsound S 100

    25.000 m²

  • Investiment GKN Driveline


    Vinitex MP 1,2 mm

    90.000 m²

  • Tavria B

    Vinitex MP 1,5 mm

    50.000 m²

  • Pont dɺutoroute Oued Zargua Boussalem lot 2 Tunisie

    Morterplas FP-T 6 kg

    1.400 m²

  • The Hydro Glasgow (Scotland)

    Foster and Patners

    Tecsound S 100

    10.000 m²

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